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Why Hydration Is So Important

Why Hydration Is So Important Want to know how to stay hydrated and why it is important? If you want more energy, supercharged brain, glowing skin,  and rockstar digestion read on… WHY HYDRATION IS SO IMPORTANT Water: The Most Important Nutrient This is foundational to good health. You could be doing all the other things …

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fats are sexy (literally)

Fats are Sexy (literally)

Why Fats Are Sexy (Literally) Fats are sexy, literally. Fats keep you full longer, stabilize your blood sugar, and help you lose weight. Sex hormones are made from cholesterol, found in animal fats. And they just taste damn good. But just not any fat will do. Read on for the scoop… I am totally guilty …

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How to Balance Blood Sugar

Balance Blood Sugar, Baby!

  BALANCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR, BABY If you want stable energy throughout the day, you need to be handling your blood sugar well. Unbalance blood sugar is one of the main reasons for that afternoon crash and those terrible things you say when you are hangry. It is also a driver for HPA-Axis dysfunction (i.e. …

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Digest like a Pro

Digest Like a Pro

  DIGEST LIKE A PRO We can be eating the healthiest diet in the world but if we aren’t digesting it properly, it is doing us more harm than good. Good digestion begins in the brain when we sit down to eat, take a few breaths to relax, and look at and smell our food. …

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Eat Real Food

Just Eat Real Food Please

JUST EAT REAL FOOD PLEASE Why you just need to eat real food The first Foundation for Awesome Health is simple, but not easy. EAT REAL FOODS. Foods as close to their natural, freshest state as possible. This means severely limiting things that come in boxes, cans, and packages. Anything with a food label is processed food. …

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Work with me

The Foundations of Awesome Health

  THE FOUNDATIONS OF AWESOME HEALTH When we work together in Nutritional Therapy, no matter what your specific goals are, we will always address the foundations for awesome health. This is what makes Nutritional Therapy a foundational and functional approach to wellness.  Just like building a house, we want to do the first things first. …

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What is nutritional therapy?

What is Nutritional Therapy?

  WHAT IS NUTRITIONAL THERAPY? Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach to wellness. At the intersection of modern science, ancestral wisdom, and experiential knowledge – nutritional therapy blends cutting edge and ancient knowledge to give your body the unique fuel it needs. This is a completely personalized experience.  It is about using food as medicine …

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