The Foundations of Awesome Health

When we work together in Nutritional Therapy, no matter what your specific goals are, we will always address the foundations for awesome health. This is what makes Nutritional Therapy a foundational and functional approach to wellness. 

Just like building a house, we want to do the first things first. As tempting as it is to start pulling out decor magazine to design the perfect subway tile for the kitchen, we need to look at the plumbing, the foundation, the roof, and the infrastructure first. 

In functional nutrition, we don’t want to just chase symptoms, we want to address the root cause. We do this by addressing the foundations of health first. Once we handle the basics then we can address more complex issues. Sounds logical, right? 

When I first started down my wellness path, I was a nut about taking supplements. My diet was still (organic) processed foods but I was throwing down (and a bunch of money at) fancy supplements. I wasn’t getting better. Why? Well, I was wasn’t addressing first things first. 

You can’t build good health on a crap diet, no matter how many supplements you take. You can’t out exercise poor sleep. Basically, you cant trick your body. Give it the raw materials it needs first, and then build from there. 

“Nutritional Therapy is a Functional and Foundational approach to holistic wellness because we want to address the root cause and dial in the pillars of health before specifically addressing symptoms. “

So, What are the Foundations of Awesome Health? Glad you asked. 

In the next few blog posts I will be taking a deep dive into each Foundation and really unpack what we will need to look at. Here is the cliffnotes:

  1. Eat Real, Nourishing Foods
  2. Damn Good Digestion (this is a big one)
  3. Balance that Blood Sugar, Baby!
  4. Healthy Fats are Sexy (literally) 
  5. Mind your minerals 
  6. Everything you need to know about vitamins
  7. Hydration & Electrolytes –  Keeping you Electric
  8. Sleep, Stress, Movement, & Connection – The Lifestyle Factor
Foundations of health

In functional nutrition we hear a lot about addressing the root cause. Well, these foundations usually have something to do with the root cause. If our diet is highly processed, lacking in important fats, vitamins, and minerals, we are starting a cascade of effects in the body by not giving it the right raw materials it needs to thrive. 

If we are sleep deprived, dehydrated, stressed out, and running on caffeine and cortisol, the body is not able to do its job optimally and will start to compromise in one area or another. 


These are the foundational blocks on which we can build good health and they give us the blueprint for how we can support the body with the raw materials it needs to function properly. We can’t address adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, or any other symptom without addressing the foundations first. 

Now don’t be too overwhelmed. I know it can feel like a lot when you are already trying to juggle a full life let alone worry about your blood sugar. But with Nutritional Therapy you can start building these foundations one habit at a time and this can lead to amazing shifts in your life and having awesome health. 

I can support you in creating a personalized plan to dial in the Foundations, one habit at a time.