Ready to finally banish your bloat, Ditch your Anxiety, and kick fatigue for good?

You are in the right place if...

– You have IBS, SIBO, GERD, reflux, candida, bloating, gas, indigestion, food sensitivities, leaky gut, or stomach pain.

– You suffer from acne, weight loss resistance, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, depression, or ADHD. 

– You have literally tried everything and work so hard to eat right but you still aren’t feeling better

– Your health challenges are affecting your work, productivity, or relationships

– You just cant seem to get clear answers for your frustrating symptoms

– You are so frickin confused and overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to eat

I know you want to:

+ Be able to go out and enjoy food with with friends without feeling restricted

+Feel light, fit, super comfortable in your skin and your sexy clothes. 

+Have your life and energy back so you can use it to build your badass business, rock life with your partner, and nurture your kiddos. 

+Be 100% committed to your transformation and willing to uplevel your health.

I got you.
I've been there and I can help you.



  • Chat about your biggest health challenges right now, what the root causes are, and how to get answers so you can finally get rid of your symptoms for good. 
  • Get clear on what factors are keeping you stuck in your healing, confused & overwhelmed about what to eat, and frustrated with your body + how to get the results you want. 
  • Leave the call with 2 powerful action steps to take to start feeling better right away. 

I’m so excited to connect with you

Work with me

1:1 Deep Dive Intensive


  • Do a complete health assessment and get the answers you are looking for. 
  • Uncover the imbalances and blocking factors that are causing your super frustrating symptoms
  • Teach you my Master Your Digestion 101 module
  • Get customized diet recommendations
  • Have clarity and on your top healing priorities
  • Leave the call with an actionable plan to finally heal yourself so you can feel your best. 

1 week of ongoing Whatsapp support. 

Investment of $197

This is the first step in joining the Gut-Mood Reboot Program.



This powerfully transformative 90 day program is the core of our work together. 

Using my FIVE PHASE FLOW FORMULA we will use my signature HACK-STACK METHOD so you can make quantum gains in your health. 

Combining bio-hacking and habit stacking we will create profound transformation in your body, mind, and life.

  • Weekly 50 minute zoom sessions
  • Unlimited Whatsapp support in between sessions
  • Weekly step-by-step custom holistic wellness curriculum –  diet, mindset, and lifestyle. 
  • Weekly PDF workbooks with goal setting, journaling prompts, and weekly Flow Phase Formula guidebook
  • Advanced bio-hacking strategies and a proven implementation system to make sure it sticks. 
  • Tailored food guidelines, recipes, & meal prep
  • Customized nutritional therapy protocol
  • TONS of bonus guides and resources
  • Self-care and lifestyle practices
  • Stress management techniques
  • Spiritual & emotional coaching
  • Professional supplement protocol
  • Functional lab testing like the GI-MAP and MRT Food Sensitivity test
  • Movement strategy
  • Mindset training
  • Accountability

I am supporting you the whole way –  educating, empowering, and encouraging you so you can achieve the game changing results you deserve. 


Phases: a gradual transition, cycle, or development

Flow: to dance with ease, move in a non-linear fashion

Formula: to produce consistent results

In the Gut-Mood Reboot 90 day program you will get insane results using my Five Flow Phase Formula.

This unique Functional Nutrition approach uses the power of flow AND formula.

We will use the soft power of FLOW to approach healing in an organic and soulful way - this ain't a linear path.

We will use a proven FORMULA to fix your gut, ditch your anxiety, and completely reboot your whole system.

This step-by-step formula is proven to give you amazing results so you can use that new energy to build your badass business, nurture your relationships, raise your kids, and change the world...

The Hack-Stack Method

Habit stacking: to cultivate, align, build, and amplify tiny rituals that compound to a total quantum effect

Bio-hacking: to DIY your biology using ancient and new technologies

In the Gut-Mood Reboot Program we will harness the unique quantum effect of combining bio-hacking with habit stacking.

We use power of science & technology along with psychology & brain rewiring techniques to completely transform your health.



You were born to feel awesome, sleep deeply, wake up rested, have calm energy
and focus throughout the day, move your body with joy, laugh, and feel fully alive

And no matter where you are now, you can learn how to tap into your body's
innate healing power by giving it the love, nourishment, movement, sleep,
and peace it needs.

Together we will create a practical, actionable plan to get your mojo back!